Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Biasa tak cakap sorangxx depan cermin???

Biasa tak cakap sorangxx depan cermin???

Saya biasa cakap sorang depan cermin.. Apa yang saya cakap??

  • Saya kaya & berjaya
  • Saya cantik & muda
  • Suami saya sayang saya
  • Anak-anak sayang saya
  • Semua orang beli produk Shaklee ngan saya
  • Semua orang dengar cakap saya
  • Saya Jutawan.

Dalam group Jutawan Shaklee, ini dipanggil RCA, Rahsia Cermin ajaib..

Ada satu buku written by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D........

What To Say When You Talk To Your Self - Powerful Techniques to Program Your Potential for Success

We are going to discuss Chapter One: (Looking for a better way)

You are everything that is,
your thoughts, your life, your dreams come true,
Your are everything you choose to be,
You are as unlimited as the endless universe...

Life for most of us, should be pretty good. 
We have all heard what life is supposed to offer; endless opportunities, the fulfillment of our dreams, and a chance to live each day in a way that brings happiness and success. Most of us want and need at least a successful job or career, a good family life and reasonable financial security..

Have you ever wondered, then, why things don't work out the way they should? Why do some people seem to be "lucky", while great majority of the rest of us seem not to be? What goes wrong? What holds us back? What is the wall stands in our way???

Now, imagine a life filled with the vitality of achievement and the enrichment of daily self-fulfillment.. To me, that kind of life sounded like an impractical dream.. Is it true??

Now, do you remember when you were about 7-10 years old, your teacher will always ask you to write an essay on " What is your ambition?" Now, how many of you did achieve the ambition? I would say about 20-30% only. Why??

Because when you reach the age of 12-16 years old, you will change your dream job again. It is common. Try it with your children.

Because the human brain, that incredibly powerful personal computer control center that each of us has, is capable of doing for you anything reasonable that you'd like it to do. But you have to know how to treat it. If you treat it just right, and carefully give it the right directions, it will do the right thing!!!

Teknik ni ada dalam LUA - Law of attraction..

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  1. selalu..skrg dh de anak...

    pagi2 dia akan cakap :

    kakak amni sihat..
    kakak amni kuat...

    ya allah sihatkan mata kakak amni...(bila dgr ayat ni je mata mula la masuk abuk hari2..rumah berabuk sgt hahhaha)