Thursday, 18 December 2014

Marry The Woman Who....

Today we will be talking about what type of Woman you should marry.. I know.. I am a Woman. Married to Mohd Ariff Harmendarjit for 26 years & still going strong. Still missing him although he is at work.. Crazy about him?? Really..really..really crazy about him.. LOVE him till JANNAH..

Ok. Lets talk about the topic. There are 8 criteria that you need to observed:

  1. A woman that will help her husband in his faith & religious commitment.
  2. A woman has good etiquettes and knowledge of her deen.
  3. A woman whom will guard her husband's wealth and herself in his absence.
  4. A woman who has sound belief (correct aqeedah).
  5. A woman who does act of worship & obedience to Allah, refraining from Haram things.
  6. A woman who will make ( her husband ) happy when he looks at her.
  7. A woman who will obey her husband when he enjoins what is right.
  8. A woman who is religiously committed.

Basically, find someone who will love you for you are because you complete each other..

Salam sayang,
Zalmin Zakaria

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